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Gratitude. Hwy 30-A Sea-grove Beach, FL.

I'm on vacation. It's the first time in a couple of years. It's been great to move slowly, eat, drink, relax and get re-acquainted with Shelean on a different level than we normally achieve during the everyday lives we live. In the 32 years I've been a professional trombone player in Nashville I've been through many stages of a career. Struggle to get it started, traveling the various learning curves in juggling work, parenting, partnering, politics in the business, riding the crest of waves of tons of work and the troughs of wondering if work would continue and trying in the midst of all of it to do a good job at this work and be a good player, partner and parent. Many times I've fallen short and other times I hope I've come close to doing a somewhat competent job. The session playing business is a challenge. As I age it becomes ever clearer to me that it's going to take a little more work to maintain chops, learn and keep up with technology. Four days at the beach has been excellent for relaxing, breathing deeply and working at perspective. (and chop maintenance.) I love what I do. I've been incredibly lucky most of my life in being in the right place at the right time and being lucky enough to work with so many incredible players, writers, arrangers and artists.

We've had lots of great food on this trip. We've been talking about our favorite meals over the years. Many involve great times with friends and family at our home. In thinking and talking about them I'm reminded of particular meals I've had in my travels. Once while in Corsica with Larry Carlton (after looking out of my hotel room window and realizing that Joe Zawinul was in the pool....quite a thrill for me...) several of us rented a car and drove around the island and just happened to come upon a family owned restaurant down by the sea where they had langastinos in a tank for you to choose from. An incredible meal and a day I'll never forget transpired. Many great meals in Japan prepared by the staff at the Blue Note Tokyo and Motion Blue in Yokohama. Incredible ramen at Ippudo in Fukuoka. Another great meal in Lisbon. Coffees. Espressos. Desserts. Ridiculous meals at restaurants in my neighborhood: Cafe Margo, Barista Parlor, Lockeland Table, Silly Goose and many others. This week we've had outstanding meals at local catch, paradis, la cocina, great southern and a fantastic desert at la crema. We also were lucky enough to hook up with old friends Joe and Mary Murphy while we were here. Tomorrow we're heading to Asheville, Boone and then back home by way of Center Hill Lake. I'm sure more culinary adventures will be had as well as some cool brewpub visits.
Mountain biking. Hiking. Yes.

As I begin to head into the twilight of my career I'm filled with gratitude. I'm grateful for all the folks who have been kind enough to employ me. The other players that have been patient in dealing with me. A wife and family who encouraged me to follow this dream even when it wasn't convenient or easy. An enormous community of great friends. I'm also looking ahead to more great musical adventures. Life is extraordinary. I'm savoring the moment. Gratefully.

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Great Week.....

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Been a really great week playing 6 shows of Cabaret at Tennessee rep, several publishing sessions as well as a fabulous session of classical music, theme park and movie score sessions.  3 more weeks of Cabaret left, savoring every second. What's next........

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Wanted to send out a hearty thanks to my friend Hans Nelson for putting my website together. You can reach Hans @  He's a great keyboard player, mac technician and web guru.  

Many more things coming to this site in the near future!